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Japanese style acupuncture is very gentle, often times patients don't even feel the needles.  Acupuncture works in a variety of ways, depending on the condition being treated.  

Herbal supplements can help when acupuncture alone may not be enough.  They help to balance the body and correct excess or deficiencies.  Some formulas maybe short term, others longer term.  Each formula is designed to be used by the individual for a specific time and can change weekly, monthly or be taken for even longer.

Depending on your individual situation, dietary advice can be quite helpful for resolving some issues and to help prevent chronic conditions.  We work with you using foods as medicine.

Unsure if acupuncture is right for you? 

Have some questions about your path to health that you would like to discuss with Debra? 

You can schedule a one on one consultation to have all your questions answered. 

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