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Why is it so much more expensive for a single treatment?

Our goal is to permanently resolve medical issues.

Our pricing is designed specifically to treat medical issues quickly, resolve the symptoms, and return the patient to their previous health status. We want you to feel better. We are not seeking long term patients but long-term advocates of the healing power of acupuncture.

A single treatment, or deviation from the treatment plan, may relieve pain or conditions temporarily. However, our aim is to heal the root cause. This is not possible with single or irregularly scheduled treatments. Regular treatments may not be as often once the core issue has been remedied. Typically, most issues are starting to see some results by 5 weeks.

Acupuncture dosage is similar to antibiotics. Taking one pill may or may not make a patient feel better but will NOT cure an infection. It isn’t a permanent solution and the infection will remain or get worse. Acupuncture treatments build on each other in the way that multiple pills will be taken for a specific duration. Spacing treatments too far apart doesn’t allow the previous treatment to build on the last. Starting out acupuncture needs to be more frequent in order to raise and maintain the levels of anti-inflammatories and endorphins in the blood. Chronic issues take about a month per year that the condition has been around, depending on the severity of it.

A more recent, or acute, injury or illness is more receptive to treatment. If the ailment has been present for longer than six months it has become chronic. Patients often see changes after 10 treatments regardless of length of time they have been living with the ailment.

Debra has a high success rate with patients who follow her treatment plans getting the relief they desire, sometimes changing their whole lives.

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