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“I’m sick and/or injured and can’t come in for an appointment.”

This is the best time to come in.

Acupuncture will boost your immunity assisting in a quicker recovery and less severe symptoms. We will provide a N95 mask if needed and sanitize after your treatment. We are less concerned with covid but do appreciate notification before arrival so needed precautions can be taken. If you are vomiting, that is the time to stay home.

Debra has had phenomenal success with seasonal allergies. Most patients, no matter how extreme, report minimal or no seasonal allergies after a course of treatments.

Injuries are best treated as early as possible for quick recovery. Go to the hospital first if you’ve sustained a serious injury. Broken bones, pulled muscles, knees, shoulders, and back are only a few injuries acupuncture can help. By immediately adding acupuncture as a healing modality, the healing time is reduced.

Electro acupuncture has often been used to avoid knee surgery. As a last-ditch effort to avoid knee surgery patients have tried acupuncture. Often, they cancel the scheduled surgery as pain leaves and use is regained. We've often heard patients say, "I wish I started with acupuncture."

Electro acupuncture performed 3x for 5 weeks has been proven to reduce the damage done by osteoarthritis. Come into the office to see the image! Many people comment that they easily see the difference.

If you are ready to start your healing journey, call the office at (520)276-6226.

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