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Feeling Tired? Not only the leaves are falling down

In Chinese medicine we follow the seasons and this can affect us in ways that we don't always realize. The Spring has us feeling up, full of energy like a sprout pushing its way through the warming ground. Feeling that spring sun on our faces powers us up. As we move through Summer, our longer days has us more productive and standing tall all day long. As the energy shifts to Fall, things start to return to the earth, and literally, fall. The days become shorter and we feel the recess of energy as living things return to the earth, to sleep during the winter, being reborn in spring.

In our modern times of electric lights, it is important to remember that we need extra rest during fall to maintain our health. When we don't rest enough, our body starts to experience exhaustion. This leads to a lower immune response, and a higher likelihood of catching a cold or the flu.

Rest and hydration are the best ways of preventing illness, along with hand washing. Keeping your immune system in top working order is another way to prevent illness. Acupuncture tunes up the immune system, lowers inflammation and helps maintain a regular sleep schedule.

Fight illness before it happens by maintaining your health this fall with acupuncture. Call 520-276-6226 and schedule your appointment today.

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